Highly configurable, compatible, fast, complete customer relationships manager software including budgeting, marketting and planning, meetings, sales force automation, maintenance and accounting management. Rich and latest reporting techniques enrich your business and never miss a deal.

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Easy and Fast

Very easy and powerful. Boosts activities of enterprises and increases enthusiasm.

Applying Thought Process

Plan-Execute-Achieve by applying your vision into your daily work activities catalyzed by our CRM software.

Configurable & Compatible

Configure software as per your business type and it supports almost every kind of business activites, process and implementation. Use on any device like mobile, tablet or desktop via internet or cloud.


Software understand the complex practical needs and provide complete planning, activity, event, process, execution and implementation management for your enterprises.

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    A rich, powerful, easiest and customizable sales and workforce automation software.

    Major features of our CRM Software

  • Easy and Privileged
  • Multi-level hierarchy
  • Goups and Teams
  • Calendars and Meetings
  • Leads and Sales
  • Sales and Service
  • After sales
  • Customers, Products and Service Management
  • Budget and Benefits Analysis
  • Workforce monitoring
  • Load balancing

  • ....and much more.

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