Highly configurable, fast, complete restaurant billing, stock and accounting management software which fits in any type of restaurant and built smartly that can run its segments on different devices like mobile, tablets, desktop, touch based POS consoles.

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Run sturdy. Don't fail or break easily. So that your billing process is always up.

Ultra Fast

Very fast billing. Even with the rich feaure set and configurable settings.

Highly Configurable

Cuisine123 is a highly configurable all-in-one software for fine-dine, bar, quick process and fast take away and of any type of restaurant you can configure for yourself.


Software understand the complex practical needs and provide complete stock, cash, bank, expense, menu, raw material and recipe management for you in single one.

We've got what you need!

    A rich, powerful, easy and customizable hotel, restaurant billing and stock management software.

    Major features of Cuisine123 1.0.0

  • Easy and intelligent
  • Anybody can operate
  • No training required
  • Table and Parcel Billing from same console
  • Customizable Table names / number
  • Customizable Table Layout structure right for your physical restaurant architectural design
  • Create and Design your existing menu for easy product selection
  • Manage products with product name and product code both with customizable preference
  • Smart Product Search with code or name
  • Complete KOT number Management
  • Track any BILL or KOT using unique number
  • Unique KOT number for each order for any table or parcel
  • Full sequential Billing i.e. Kitchen Order, Delivery, Printing and Payments
  • Make individual item delivered or mark all Delivered when rush
  • Single button does all pending and required operations for table close when in hurry
  • Can shift / change tables or from table to parcel or parcel to table
  • Automatically locks bills when printed
  • Discount facility with mandatory reason
  • Flexible and Customizable TAX value structure
  • Customer accounts for dues if required
  • Customer names and details printed on bills
  • Customer names, address and phone number printing on bills for parcel delivery
  • CASH vs. Credit Card payments facility
  • Change value adjustment facility for change problem
  • Interactive search to find any bill
  • Automatic CASH Box management
  • Make Ledgers to handle accounts
  • Easy Payment Section to handle expenses and all payment transactions
  • Purchase section to make purchases for stock items
  • Manage/update stock values anytime
  • Sale/Purchase reports
  • Online reports and controlling
  • Dues reports
  • Ledger Transaction Reports
  • Automatic, Day-wise Opening Balance, Income and Closing Balance
  • Easy Backup and Restore facility
  • Error free, latest window based software. Use with Mouse or Keyboard or both.

  • ....and much more.

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